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Buying gifts for the men in our lives can easily be one of the most difficult tasks during the holiday season – especially if you’re a clueless female. Because let’s face it – most men do lesser shopping than the average female. There are only a few out there who can truly understand the delight of a shopping spree!

Unfortunately, this makes the gift shopping process more challenging than it already is.  If a person doesn’t know what he wants to purchase, how should other people around him know?

However, Christmas is never complete without gifts so if you’re up for a challenge, here are a some funny Christmas gifts for man he’ll surely talk about all throughout the holiday season.

10 Clever And Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Man

1. Jokes Every Man Should Know Book


A lot of women agree that a man with a good sense of humor is very sexy. Don’t let your guy buds be late in the game and supply them with a source of funny jokes to impress the ladies.

This gift can also be for someone who needs a good laugh once in a while. Remind them that life is better when you learn how to laugh, and that laughter is sometimes the best type of medicine there is out there.

2. Pizza Boxers 

Here’s a gift for both you and your boyfriend. If your BF, like every other manly man out there, loves pizza, then this is the perfect gift. Buying boxers for your partner don’t just show how intimate you are with one another, it is also proof of how much you care.

These pair of boxers are unisex so buy one for yourself while you’re at it. There’s nothing more intimate than matching boxers.

3. French Fries Holder 


Everyone loves French fries! We love it so much that sometimes, we can’t help but go through a fast food drive-thru just for some fries. Although they are one of the world’s most delectable and unhealthy food options, they can be quite a pain to eat when you are the designated driver for the day.

Give the men in your life a break by gifting them a tool that can help them have their fries while out on a drive. After all, there’s nothing better than a driving towards the sunset in the open road with a pack of fries by your side.

4. Just Water Flask

This gift idea is very straightforward. Give this to the man in your life who loves a strong and solid drink even though others don’t always agree. Even though they can’t fool everyone with this flask, it’s always worth a try.

5. Awkward Family Photos Game 


This gift is perfect for the men who have their own families. They may be your boss, your professor, or anyone who loves his family enough to have a collection of their awkward family photos.

Since Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends, this makes the perfect gift to reminisce all the memories they had with their family throughout the years.

6. Art Of Eating Through The Apocalypse Book 

Do you have a guy friend who loves zombie movies and cooking? It’s an odd combination but not very rare among the male species. If your friend is a “Walking Dead” fan, and someone who is prepping for the apocalypse, they will certainly love this book.

7.  Tabasco Chocolate Tin

When all else fails, you can always resort to sweets – chocolates, in particular. But don’t just give a generic bar of chocolates, that’s so plain and boring! Spice things up with a literal spice. If your guy friend can take on the heat, this sweet and spicy treat is the best gift idea for him.

But if you’re feeling a bit naughty, grab a box of plain milk chocolate and switch its contents with this spicy version. They will surely remember this surprise every Christmas season!

8. World’s Smallest Vacuum 

Here’s a little gift for your guy friend who seriously needs to tidy up his bachelor’s pad. No wonder he hasn’t had a date in a while! But as they say, when tackling with a big problem, it’s best to start small. Every bit of effort goes a long way, after all. So to take those first small steps, this tiny vacuum could be useful.

9. World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie

Communication is very important in any relationship. Sadly, we live in a generation where communication is limited to text messages and emails. It’s not every day we can catch up with a dear friend through the phone.

Remind your guy friend that they’re your partner-in-crime, and if it takes a walkie-talkie to get in touch, you are willing to keep him as your sidekick.

10. Air Conditioned Work Shirt 


Though it may be freezing during the Christmas season, it’s a practical idea to give your guy friend a gift which he can use in the next season. The summer heat is tough for a man who works under the sun so why not give them an air-conditioned work shirt?

When the temperatures rise this coming summer time, they will surely remember you.

11. 100 Video Games Scratch Off Poster 

We hate it when the man in our lives become too preoccupied with silly video games. But let’s be honest, we’re happy when they’re happy. So this Christmas season, show how much you care by supporting their gaming obsession.

Once they’ve scratched out everything in the list, let’s hope they finally give up that hobby. That’s when you know you’ve played too much video games!

12. Decision Paperweight 

Here’s for the guy friend who can’t seem to make up his mind all the time. Even though you’re always there to give some friendly advice, the final decision still lies in his hands.

Give him this decision paperweight to help him speed up the decision process, and hope that it has given him the right kind of advice. Besides, you’ll never know unless you try, right?

13. The Art Of Shaving Set


This gift is for the manly man who loves to groom and shape his beard. There’s something so polished and dashing about a man who takes special care of his facial hair. Give this gift to a guy friend who badly needs to tame his beard and help him avoid having the Santa beard too while you’re at it.

14. Drunken Tower Game 

The best type of gift is one that can be shared with more friends. If the man in your life loves having some of his guy friends over for a drink, he will absolutely love this funny Christmas gift.

Final Thoughts

Everyone deserves a little something on Christmas day – even the manliest of man. Although they may seem big and strong on the outside, all of them also have a softness in their hearts. Let them know that you are thankful for their presence in your life this Christmas season and you might just bring a tear to their eye.

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