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What are the powerful best funny Christmas gifts on budget this 2018? Most of you want the best Christmas gift ideas, but you’re worried about the price. Well, the quality of gift is not measured by how expensive it is. Remember, it’s the thought that really counts. But fortunately, you can find best Christmas gift ideas with favorable prices. Check them out below.

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1 ) Fake Belly Waist

Christmas is the best season to give joy to people. This Fake Belly Waist Pack provides a realistic hilarious belly to whoever wears it. There are actually a lot of belly waste replicas to choose from. You can surprise them with the belly with hairy effect, the plain belly and other funnier bellies. It appears as 3D and it will be one of the nice attraction in parties or occasions like Christmas.

2 ) Sexy Body Pillows

Give your friend some cool yet hot inspiration with the sexiness and overwhelming features of Sexy Body Pillows. This could be one of the amazing funny Christmas gifts that you could wrap in a box. It’s a fluffy huge quality pillow that will put your friend on fire in the cool breeze of Christmas. There are a variety of this pillows that are created for men and women.

3 ) Bathroom Shower Feet Brush

In first glance, you’ll be in wonder thinking what the use of this item is.  This thing can be weird the first time you see it, but it gets weirder and funny when you actually try to put this to your feet. The Bathroom Shower Feet Brush provides total care system (such as soothing, feet massaging, cleaning, and stimulating) to your feet. It stimulates blood circulation and massages the sole.   This is actually a brilliant tool in making your tired and hardworking feet comfortable and relax.

4 ) Vintage Retro Brick Mobile Phone

Vintage lovers can be shocked by the Vintage Retro Brick Cell Phone. It’s a vintage-like telephone that is actually a mobile phone featuring dual SIM card as well as memory card spaces. This vintage mobile phone measures 270 cm long, with 4.8 cm width and about 6cm thick. This can be one brilliant useful collectibles for your vintage-loving friend.

5 ) Electronic Piano Gloves

This is an ideal budget gift for kids, but adults can also be fond of this. It’s a piano glove, wherein every tip of the finger can play varied notes. It also has a built-in speaker and the tempo and volume can be controlled by its user. There is also demo song roster that’s pre-recorded. If you have a musically inclined nephew, niece and other kids around, this is one perfect musical stuff for them.

6 ) Condom-shape Flash Drive

Looking for an awesome hilarious gift that will make them look puzzled and shocked? Enjoy a hilarious sight as the receiver of this gift becomes extremely in doubt regarding the controversial gift that you’ve just given them. It would be one trending funny gift of the season. Beyond its funny side is the USB Condom’s durable and high-speed property. It’s a cool and memorable gift to have.

7 ) High Waist Butt Enhancer AKA Fake Butt

If your friend or someone who is dearest to you loses her confidence about her back, the High Waist Butt Enhancer will uplift her butt inferiority. While most people prefer natural features, there’s nothing wrong in adding enhancers. A little addition to butt would surely not make any commotion.  Fake butts give a unique and powerful look to whoever wears it.

8 ) Electric Ear Cleaner

Is this ear cleaning tool ideal as a Christmas gift? It may sound weird and funny, yet this could be one thoughtful gift to present to your loved ones. Cleaning the ear is one of the hygienic practices that must be done regularly.  There are people who wouldn’t mind to buy ear cleaning stuff and just use some unsafe tool to clean it. This Cordless Electric Ear Cleaner vacuums and removes the ear wax then store it in its retail box.

9 ) Phone Case with Six Lenses

Gadgets are the most in-demand gift during Christmas. Many would surely wish for a new phone, but that gift is a bit expensive. If you want to give an affordable yet cool and awesome gift that will still excite your friend or family, you can give a powerful Phone Case with Six Lenses instead.  It brings picture-experience into a wonderfully creative level. This will be best for photography lovers.

10 ) Nose Hair Trimmer

Another weird, yet useful item to give as present this Christmas is this Nose Hair Trimmer. If the hair on your nose grew fast and overruns your nose hole, it will create a disturbing sight. This nose hair trimmer will keep your hair nose groomed. What’s best about this thing is that this has no batteries. Everything shall be done manually.

11 ) Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Being thoughtful means thinking of the welfare of the person that you’re going to give gifts to. This affordable Magnetic Car Mount Holder is very easy to use and can protect your phone from the magnetic effects. It has a unique design and the pulling or gripping power of this magnet gives reassuring safeness to the phone. You can even rotate your phone as you like.

12 ) Unisex Portable Urinal Toilet

Do you love to travel, yet you’re always concerned about the comfort room issues? A long drive can take you to far beautiful places but you can encounter some peeing inconveniences along the road. To cut peeing dilemmas, why not bring this funny portable toilet with you. The Unisex Portable Urinal Toilet is one of the perfect and unique gift ideas for your adventurous friend.

13 ) Electric Peeler

Do you love cooking, yet the process of peeling ruins your cooking excitement every time?  Well, set aside your peeling worries because you can now count on an electric peeler.  Peeling fruits and other cooking ingredient is made easy and fascinating with this machine. You can also multitask through this.   The Electric Peeler has a non-slip base and contains a built-in storage.  This is a perfect gift for Christmas that will surely get along with your budget.

14 ) Lithium Hand Vacuum

Having a hard time picking things or cleaning things up in your car?  Maintaining a comfortable, clean and chic environment in your car provides an impressive and fresh feel. It makes cleaning easier and faster. This Lithium Hand Vacuum will take car cleaning into the next level of convenience. It is cordless with a strong sanction capability. This vacuum also has lasting power and boasts its gran lithium technology.

15 ) Mini Mobile Phone

Another gift on a budget that will somewhat rock the Christmas celebration is the GTSTAR Mini Mobile Phone. It’s a miniature mobile phone-like headset. The design is superb and if you think that this doesn’t work as a normal cellphone, you are wrong. It might be smaller but it has a Nano SIM Card. What’s the best about this thing is that you can use the phone as a hands-free headset, which could be used for listening to music and receiving calls.

16 ) Mosquito Repellents Mat

Are there many mosquitoes in your area? These insects are one dangerous threat to your health and you need an effective repellent to avoid them. The Xiaomi Mosquito Repellents Mat uses Transfluthrin, which is a good thing in killing those mosquitos. It has a honeycomb-like design weighing 50 grams. Other than that, this extremely nice mat can last up to 90 days (   about eight hours per day). This is one beneficial Christmas gift on a budget that you could give.

17 ) LED Safety Glasses with LED Lights

Do you want some distinctly attractive glasses this year? Feel like a spy or a superhero with special abilities through this Safety Glasses with LED Lights. It’s an ideal thing to show off your style while guiding your safety properly. The LED lights serve as a laser, which allows you to see things clearly in the dark without the use of your hand.

18 ) Scrubbing Shower Gloves

Are you very sensitive when it comes to scrubbing your skin? Bathing can now be made easy and relax with the help of scrubbing gloves. Compared to any gloves that you know, this serves as shower exfoliator and could also be a perfect spa body scrubber. Aside from that, it provides shooting and relaxing massage to your skin. This can be available in varied colors with a very low price.

19 ) 40lbs Recurve Bow Kit

Archery can be one exciting hobby or way to kill time. But sometimes, aiming for a stationary target can sometimes be boring. To increase shooting accuracy and have exciting archery experience, aiming for a moving target will be awesome. This 40lbs Recurve Bow Kit is a type of recurve fishing longbow, which allows you to enjoy chasing pond fish and others. It is very easy to use and weighs 40lbs with 51 inches bow length.

20 ) Round Magnet Fastener

Perhaps, this magnet is the cutest and useful thing ever. This Round Magnet fastener has wide industrial use, but you can also use it really creative way such as attaching this to your car and hide some plate number through dirt-like attachment. Furthermore, this can be used for collecting lost screws or sharp nails.

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Whatever gift you give this Christmas, what matters most to the gift receiver is the thought that they are remembered.  And that, itself, is everything to be thankful of.

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