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Let’s be honest. Whether you enjoy your work or not, your office has some of the best people you know. They are professional, hard-working, and most of all, they tolerate you. Despite the troubles you’ve caused before and your occasional insufferable behavior, they still manage to put up with you no matter what.

This holiday season, it’s time to remember the people who always had your back in times when you needed it the most. Your workplace might be the last place you want to be in during the holiday season, but that’s no reason to skip a merry Christmas with your coworkers.

Below is a list of useful and yet funny Christmas gifts for coworkers. Who says the office can’t be a little more festive? These gifts can prove you wrong.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Coworkers That Aren’t Boring

1. Borrow My Pen Set 

This gift is for your co-worker who’s always complete with office supplies. They’re your go-to person whenever you need a stapler, paper clips, and even a pen!

It’s not that you intended to take their hospitality for granted, but you have to admit – you still have a bunch of their pens lying around in your cubicle. So why not gift them a whole new set with these fun captions? Anyone else who borrows them might form the habit of returning them more frequently from now on.

2. Countdown To My Retirement Clock 

Work life is an excruciating endless cycle for most of us. We’ve all dreamt of being independent adults once in our childhood years. But who knew it would be this tough?

This gift is for the friend who has had enough with the adult life. Give them a reason to look forward to – their retirement! Let them know that there’s an end to the tunnel of office life. All they have to do is decide on a date, and the countdown starts.

3. I Have To Do What? Memo Pad

Stress is inevitable at work, especially if you do not know how to manage your time and your tasks. Give this gift to the co-worker who is still struggling to catch up with work. Listing down your things to do for the day is a valuable habit, especially in the office. This cute design might even inspire them to be a bit more organized with their schedule.

4. Office Party Stapler Corkscrew

Does your co-worker never say no to Friday night drinks? Give this cheeky stapler to your co-worker who is the life of every office party. They are that one person who will pour you a drink whenever you feel stressed and down from work.

Besides, this gift will always come in handy whenever there’s a reason to celebrate at the office. And what better person to give it to than that one person who understands that every important occasion should be celebrated with a toast?

5. Get Along With Coworkers Gum

We are all humans, after all, and we can’t always please everyone we meet. Getting into arguments is normal, but as adults, it is important to that we learn how to set our differences aside.

Every office has its own drama. Practice professionalism and avoid all possible drama. If you have a difficult co-worker with whom you don’t often see eye-to-eye with, give them this pack of gum this Christmas.

Agree to put the past behind and move forward with a positive note. And if they disagree, at least you can both agree that everyone needs a pack of gum anyway.

6. Optional F*cks Calendar 

Here’s one for the cool-headed co-worker who always seems to detach themselves from sources of stress. You know that they are dedicated and the best at what they do. Let them know how you admire their ability to be level-headed no matter how stressful work can become.

This calendar stays true to their personality. And every time they take a look at it, at least they remember that there’s someone in the office who understands the way they work.

7. Office Cubicle Guest Book

There’s always that one cubicle where everyone in the office makes a stopover. You may even say that they are the most popular one in the office. Whether it’s for a small chat or an issue that needs to be discussed, this person is everyone’s go-to character in the office.

But popularity has its downsides in the office – especially if a lot of people come to you with requests. Give your co-worker a guest book to help them keep track of the people who visited. This way, they can remember what they need to accomplish a lot more efficiently.

8. It’s Only Frickin’ Tuesday Soap 


But popularity has its downsides in the office – especially if a lot of people come to you with requests. Give your co-worker a guest book to help them keep track of the people who visited. This way, they can remember what they need to accomplish a lot more efficiently.

All of us have Monday blues, and when that’s over, Tuesdays become even harder to get by. This gift is for your co-worker who always keeps track of what day it is. They are a personal reminder that the weekend has either ended or nearing. We all need someone to snap us back to reality from last weekend, and someone who could remind us that it’s alright to party.

9. Wooden Rubber Band Ray Gun

Have a co-worker who still behaves like a little child? On some days, their silly little antics can be tolerable. But other times, you wish they would keep it to themselves. This Christmas season, try to embrace their child-like behavior by giving them a gift they can enjoy by themselves while they are in a cubicle.

Whenever they’re having some downtime, they can shoot rubber bands into a tin can if that’s what they enjoy doing. But if anyone gets shot, remind them again that it is not your responsibility anymore.

10. Choc-Aid Milk Chocolate

Life is tough. It has a lot of roadblocks, and we often stumble to the ground. What matters is what we decide to do afterward. For the co-worker who has it tough at the office place, give them this chocolate as a gift as a reminder that all wounds heal as long as there’s chocolate.

11. Rosie the Riveter Bandages 

It’s important to give your co-workers some words of encouragement from time to time – especially on times when they’re hurting. Even if it’s just a paper cut, make it an opportunity to let them know that you’re rooting for them! And these bandages are the perfect way to tell them just that.

Otherwise, this gift is also great for your ultra feminist co-worker. The ladies have to stick around for each other anyway, especially in a dominantly male workplace.

12. Unicorn Horn Thinking Putty 


Here’s the perfect gift for your co-worker who is in the creative department. You know that they are an awesome genius, but their creative juices can run out sometimes too. In times like these, it is important to have tools that can get their gears running.

This thinking putty will help them tap into their creative mind no matter where they may be in the office. Not only does it have a gorgeous sparkly color, but it is also amazingly full of unicorn magic. Besides, the company should be thanking you if they ever spark up with a creative and profitable idea.

13. Trump’s Executive Orders Sticky Notes 

Sticky notes are an irreplaceable office supply. Give this gift to a co-worker who loves sticky notes, and someone who is not afraid to talk politics, and or express their political views in the office. They are very up-to-date with current events with no fail.

14. F*cking Strong Coffee


This gift isn’t just for your average coffee drinker. Give this gift to your office mate who has coffee running through their veins. They are so immune to caffeine; they need to exceed the normal dose of coffee.

15. Ban.do Compliment Pencil Set

And finally, here’s a gift for your co-worker who loves cutesy stationery. She is probably your office’s version of Elle Woods so anything in pastel, sparkly or scented shouldn’t fail. This set of pencils may be your ordinary wood and lead, but the color and cute captions will make her desk aesthetically pleasing and always Instagram-ready.

Final Thoughts

You may not always get along with your office mates, but nothing can change the fact that you are on the same team. This Christmas time, show them just how much you appreciate their patience and professionalism despite all the drama that occurs on a daily basis.

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