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Aside from bring the season of love, Christmas is also the season for giving. As early as now, most of us are already shopping for gift items. There are several gifts that we can get on the market today. Oftentimes it can be confusing on what items to get for our loved ones.

Funny items are unique. It will make Christmas more fun to celebrate. You sure will find a lot online. These special gift items will make a mark. These will be memorable to those who you give these to. Making a memory is never hard with all the funny gift items on the market today.

Even though its challenging to get the perfect gift, sooner or later we will finally decide on what to get. To help you out, here are 15 Funny Christmas Gag Gifts for Adults that will help you decide. These gift items are sure to make the special someone laughing out loud this Christmas.  It does not hurt to share laughter not only during the holiday season, but every day will do.

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Here are our 15 Best Funny Christmas Gag Gifts for Adults that Will Have Them Laughing Out Loud

  1. Ceramic Toilet Mug

This mug is perfect for coffee lovers. If you know someone who is one, then might as well get this gift for him or her. It is made of high-quality ceramic, so you can expect this item to be durable. Once you give this as a Christmas gift, you sure will make a mark. It can be the most unforgettable gift of all time. Get this one now and you are one step safe to get that perfect gift.


  1. Bottle Wine Glass

Here’s a perfect funny Christmas gag gift for wine lovers. This giant wine glass can hold 750ml of wine. You sure will be giving someone a favor by giving this present. Yes, you will give someone a good laugh too. This surely is one amazing gift item this coming holidays. This giant Bottle Wine Glass will have you drinking your holidays away.



  1. Car Sticker

Keep it simple with a car sticker. Here’s a funny Christmas gag gift for adult that’s epic. You are giving great humor to life with this sticker. This can be placed on car windows, bumpers, trucks, or even on laptops. It’s going to be a hilarious exchange once the special someone sees this car sticker. The statements will make it fun. You can share it with anybody.


  1. BS Button For Adults

Adulting can be stressful at times. There are so much to think about. Things happen and we all need some kind of stress reliever. This BS Button for Adults is a great funny Christmas gag gift for adults. You are giving someone a favor when everything seems tough. This present is sure to give both you and the special someone a good laugh this coming holidays. We all need this BS Button. You might want to get one for yourself, as a gift for adulting.


  1. Toilet LED Light

Another funny Christmas gag gift for adults is this Toilet LED Light. Going to the toilet will never be this fun. This is a motion light. Once you approach the toilet, it lightens up. Cool right? Well, it is a special gift for a cool person. You can choose a color depending on the person’s favorite one. This will be a great gift item for the holidays. You sure will make someone laugh at how toilets can be transformed by this LED light. The toilet seat will be pleasant to look at with this light.



  1. Bacon Strip Bandages

Laugh some more with the bacon strip bandages. This gift item is sure to give you a hearty laugh once you give it. The special someone will feel cared for at the same time laugh about the humor from the bacon strips. The Bacon Strip Bandages can be for anybody. You can easily carry this around. Your wound or scratch will look funny with this bacon bandage. This sure will cover and help heal a wound.





  1. Funny Apron

A lot of cooking will be done during the holidays. A perfect funny Christmas gag gift for adults is this funny apron. It is a unique gift item and you sure will give someone a good laugh about the print on it. It is funny and can be for both men and women. So if you know someone who just loves to be in the kitchen, this might be the best gift item to get.



  1. Ceramic Prescription Mug

Here’s another unique funny Christmas gag gift for adults that sure is memorable. A Ceramic Prescription Mug is best for morning coffee. No, this is not to scare your loved one, it is a gift item that’s hilariously cool. You can expect a smile coming from the receiver with this ceramic mug. It comes with different labels. You can choose the perfect label depending on who you give it to.


  1. Bullet Whiskey Stones

A gift that’s not only cool, but is also unique. This bullet whiskey stones is sure to have your loved ones excited. It’s a perfect funny Christmas Gag gift for those who are fond of drinking whiskey. The good thing is, their whiskey will always be chilled with the Bullet Whiskey Stones. Have a good night’s chill with the special someone with a glass of whiskey. Your Christmas night will be very memorable.


  1. Funny Statement Socks

These Funny Statement Socks are perfect presents for the holidays. You not only give your loved one a good laugh, these socks will keep them warm. You will never go wrong with these statement socks since it can be for all occasions. Get the best statement for the person you love.


  1. Funny Hot Sauce Box

Do you know someone that’s a fan of hot sauce? This is the perfect funny gift for them. The Funny Hot Sauce Box comes with different bottles with funny statements on the label. This will be a fun gift for the holidays. It sure will have that special someone laughing out loud with this hilarious gift item. Eating will never be this fun with this hot sauce box.

  1. Mouse Pad

Someone you know may be needing a mouse pad this Christmas. You can consider giving them this funny mouse pad. You sure will give someone a great sense of humor this coming holiday season. The statements on the mouse pad a funny enough to have them laughing. A statement that fits the person’s personality is best to get for this mouse pad.

  1. Bacon Floss

Love bacon? Sure, this bacon floss is perfect. This bacon floss is a perfect funny Christmas gag gift for adults. It’s waxed so it is safe to use. Give this to someone this coming holidays and share a good laugh with them. Your flossing ceremony will be memorable with this bacon floss.

  1. Giant Coffee Mug

This giant coffee mug is one of the funniest gifts. This can easily be ordered online. Your coffee lover friend will be rolling on the floor laughing with this gift item. It is a special gift to someone who’s into caffeine. Grab this and get it wrapped for the holidays. This big mug with coffee is sure to keep you awake this Christmas.

  1. Emoji LED necklace

This necklace is sure to become precious to your loved one. The Emoji Necklace LED light is a perfect funny Christmas gag gift for adults. Someone will be walking around with lights around their neck. This is simply hilarious. It sure will give you both a good thing to laugh about this coming holidays. The emojis will bring a smile to your faces. This can be a great costume accessory for your Christmas party.

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Giving is fun when you do it with a good heart. It is funnier when you give it with a good laugh. These special funny gift items can make your Christmas worth it. Those that you give these to will feel loved. Laughter is always the best medicine. Giving funny presents can never go wrong.

It’s great to add a sense of humor to the occasion. The best thing to do it is find the funniest gift item. A funny Christmas gift will be remembered. You can do it each year. Surely there will be more funny present in the coming years.

Have fun and the same time give love. It is never too late t get the perfect gift. As early as now, look for the perfect funny Christmas gag gift for adults. You will be on time for the holidays in giving these presents. Give love, and have fun this holiday season. The list of funny items here will already give you an idea on what to get for Christmas.

Choosing the best can be challenging. That is why we have come up with this list. This sure is a perfect gift from us to you.

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