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Is your brother both nice and wicked and you want some grave funny surprise for him? The spirit of Christmas is almost everywhere. But if the spirit of your brother is still stuck on Halloween, a dose of funny Christmas gift would help.

Below are some of the strange and funny Christmas gift ideas for brother that will revive his spirit.


1) Cash Suit

Who told you that cash is only for wallets and pockets? Being humble is fine, but becoming funny and stylish at the same time is finer. Show them what you’ve got with the captivating cash suit. Bring money charms to other people and rock every parties or street you walked in.

2 ) Belt Buckle Wallet

Afraid of being a victim of pickpockets? Guard your money and credit cards through this distinctive buckle wallet and at the same time function as a belt.  It can safely store five credit cards as well as IDs.

3 ) Nothing of Value Here Doormat

The “Welcome Doormat” is one common thing, but this “Nothing of Vale Here Doormat” is the coolest funny thing ever.  It is best to place in front of your brother’s door because it gives a strange and funny sense, which makes it a unique ideal gift for your brother this Christmas. It’s more like a sarcastic way of saying that you love him even he’s a damn cruel brother to you at times.

4 ) Dual Foot Massager Roller

Give your brother some foot massage this Christmas. Not with your own hands but with the Dual Foor Massager Roller. This rocking roller will help him relieve foot pains and experience a feet relaxation. He can even use to exercise a bit. The Dual Foot Massager Roller is one great gift to pamper the tired feet of your brother. It is compact and very portable. At least act cute and caring to your brother this Christmas season.

5 ) Open Hand Fireball Launcher

Fulfill your brother’s dream to become one of the powerful Avengers. Provide him a fireball launching ability with the Open Hand Fireball Launcher.  How good is that? Cooking and burning thing will be easy.

6 ) Confetti High Fives

Does your brother love fancy funny thing that explodes with happiness? This Confetti High Fives provides a next level party or Christmas surprise.  Give your brother a high five and make your Christmas filled with flying confetti.

7 ) Alarm Clock Rug

Do you always have a hard time waking up your brother every morning? Wake up that sleepy head! This will knock off the typical snoozing alarm clock battle. Killing the snooze is easy, but this alarm clock will hilariously force your bother out of his bed to deactivate this. Your brother needs to step on this, using his two feet just to turn it off.  This is a brilliant, useful and funny Christmas gift ideas for brother.

8 ) Stainless Steel Skull Coffee Mug

Feel like one of the prominent characters in Viking time with the immense and detailed Viking warlord feel of this Skull Coffee Mug. Let your brother sip the brainy aromatic liquid from this mug.  The 3D skull design, the teeth and this whole thing horrifyingly adorable.

9) Pooping Please Come Back Later Sign

Do you have habits of carelessly disturbing others, most especially your brother, during this extra private bathroom moments? Such sacred times shouldn’t be interrupted because it might cause a little commotion.  To avoid fighting over bathroom private matters, this Pooping Please Come Back Later Sign will be a brilliant solution.

10 ) Iron Man 12″ Figurine

Man, this is a nice little inclusion to your collection.  If you want Iron Man to look after you even when you sleep, this Iron Man figurine will be a good room display addition. It is surprisingly a detailed prototype of this fantastic Iron Man hero having twelve inches height.

11 ) Log Shaped Liquor Dispenser

Christmas is fast approaching and you might as well want to have an interesting liquor dispenser in your house. Look at this log-like dispenser.  It gives a nice earthy and natural feeling. This dispenser is made from nice Ohio hardwood and most of the liquor bottle could fit on this.

12 ) Ultimate Hangover Cure

Hangover problems no more! Your brother can now enjoy all night drinking session without worrying on what tomorrow may bring. No more head cracking morning. The Ultimate Hangover Cure can beat the power effects of liquor and other hard drinks, which enables your brother to recover quickly.

13 ) Bacon Soap

Did you know that bacon has a superior cleaning power? Just kidding. Provide a meaty and yummy shower with this bacon-like soap.  It is one of the perfect funny and shocking Christmas presents for your skin- sensitive brother. How it looks gives a realistic bacon feel to the point that you may actually want to take one bite of it. Bacon Soap has a tempting intoxicating aroma, so control yourself not to bite this soap.

14 ) Thumb Wrestling Ring

Thumbs up and let the battle begin!  Wrestling lovers will have a distinct and entertaining wresting battling experience with the Thumb Wrestling Ring. Play like a pro and be the sparring partner of your brother.  This is one funny Christmas gift ideas for brother that will rock his mind.

15 ) Whiskey Ice Cube Stones

Surprise your brother with a strange looking stone. Well, it’s not a normal stone. It’s actually a whiskey stone that can be freeze and make your drinks excitingly cold.  Set aside those typical ice cubes and make every drink an interestingly crazy toast with this distinct Whiskey Ice Cube Stones.  Will you get a stone whiskey flavor? It’s for you to find out.

16 ) The Man Bowl

Do you have a beast eating brother and you want to satisfy his every meal? This Man Bowl will provide a big meal and dish spaces for him.  Other than that, it offers a particularly funny dog feels.  This would be a big interesting thing on your table.

17 ) Luchador Wrestler Bottle Opener

If your brother loves both drinking and wrestling, this funny wrestling bottler opener is such an eye-catching Christmas gift idea.  Every drinking session is a battle to win for this Wrester bottle opener. This Christmas, it will surely have more bottle battles to win.

18 ) Underwear Gloves

Did you know that your brother can now wear his underwear on his hand? This fascinating underwear gloves will make your brother curious and dumbfounded for the first time. He might be confused about where to put this thing.  It is one stylish funny glove that’s very similar to men’s underwear.  The gloves are created from about 95 percent cotton, which gives a nice comfortable feel to people who will use it.

19 ) Grenade Soap

What about give a grenade for your naughty brother this Christmas? This is not an actual grenade but a kind of fancy hilarious bomb-shape soap. Get your brother some heart-attack with the scent and interesting shape of this soap.  It’s a grenade that will rock your brother in the bathroom.

20) You Said You Wanted Nothing Gift Box

Throw some fun while fulfilling the wish of your brother. If you’d ask someone about what’s the gift that he/she wants for Christmas, normal people would say something and others would say that they wanted nothing. If those “others” include your brother, this “You Said You Wanted Nothing Gift Box” will be the best funny Christmas gift ever.

21 ) Salt Firing Shotgun

Practice your shooting skills with this Salt Firing shotgun. It may look like a kid’s toy but it’s actually a tool for killing flies. It is loaded with salt, serving as a bullet to shoot those disturbing flies in your home.   But if you want a hilarious cooking show, you can use this to season your dish.

22 ) Sure F*ck Cologne

For your ultimately naughty brother, this cologne will trigger his ultra-naughty radar and persona. Though it has an intriguing name, your brother will find its scent fresh, clean and with an outstanding manly irresistible scent.  The Sure F*ck Cologne will totally blow up your brother’s crazy mind.

23 ) Fortune Telling Beer Glass

Do you have future wonders yet no one would exactly and frankly tells you to want the future may bring?   Brace yourselves as this beer glass spice up your drinking session with fortune telling. Is this possible? Surprisingly, it is. When the effects of alcohol already hit you hard, you’ll be mesmerized with its fortune telling brilliance. This Fortune Telling Beer Glass can hold about 27 ounces of drinks. With its built-in fortune teller feature, you could enjoy twenty various fortunes while enjoying your beer.  It’s exciting to know what it would tell about you.

There are several funny Christmas options that you could choose from for your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, and others.  Whatever gift that you give them, see to it that it will directly hit their emotions. When it comes to funny Christmas gift ideas for brother, you can go for a wild, funny, sarcastic yet thoughtful gift.

If you want to ask anything or want to share your funny gift experience, just leave your message below and we would love to read it and reply back. Wishing that you will have a wonderful Christmas ahead.


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