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The holiday season is here. Everyone is excited about gift-giving. If you are planning to give her a special gift, you can look over the internet and find a lot. It can be overwhelming though because of the many choices. That is why it is best to have a specific theme to collect for Christmas gifts.

Funny Christmas gift ideas for her will never go wrong. It can even be one thing that she can brag about. To help you out, we have here some of the best funny Christmas gift ideas for her. These gift items are affordable and special.

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Here are 25 Funny Christmas gift ideas for her that she can brag about.

  1. Bra Off Wine Glass

Here’s a wine glass that she definitely will love. The Bra Off Wine glass is hilariously unique. She can keep it and use it on any occasion. This season make her smile and give some humor into her world with this wine glass. This gift item can be one stress reliever after a long day.

  1. Christmas Tissue Paper

A tissue paper is a woman’s best friend. This Christmas Tissue Paper is one of the best funny Christmas gift ideas for her. She can have this in her comfort room. Surely, she will immediately love this gift item. It has a cute design. The product is so affordable and you can get it easily online.

  1. Farting Coin Bank

This Christmas gift idea is so funny that you will have her laughing out loud this season. The farting coin bank is a great gift for her for a good laugh. It’s hilarious that while saving, you get a good fart from this thing. It is simply perfect.

  1. Butt Face Towel

A towel that has texts ‘Butt’ and ‘Face’ on it. This is a great gift item that she can add to her collection. You will make it memorable for her this Christmas season. It is a special gift. Aside from being funny, this gift can be very useful. You can order it online.

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  1. Wine Bottle Glass

If you have someone that loves wine so much, here is a perfect gift for her. This wine bottle glass holds 750ml of wine. You sure will be giving her the break of her life with this special gift item. Her unwinding after a long day will never be this fun with the Wine Bottle Glass.

  1. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Support her love for coffee with this Ceramic Coffee Mug. The best part about this gift item is it’s shaped like a toilet seat. You will have her laughing with this gift. It is indeed a perfect funny Christmas gift idea for her.

  1. Musical Toilet Paper Holder

Another great Christmas gift idea for her is this Musical Toilet Paper Holder. She will find it cute and funny. Every time you roll out a tissue paper, a song will play from this holder. This is simply amazing. You sure will have her keeping this thing for a long time.

  1. Coffee and Wine Glass

This gift item has a fun theme that she definitely will love. The before 5 coffee glass and after 5 wine glass is the one thing that she needs each day. This is going to be one of the memorable gifts that she can get this holiday season.

  1. WTF Notes

Here’s a funny Christmas gift idea that she will need almost every day. This gift can be perfect for working women. It also can be a gift for a mother to use for their children. It’s a hilarious gift that she can keep. This is affordable and you can easily order this item online.

  1. Coffee Socks in Coffee Cup

This pair of coffee socks come in handy in a coffee cup. She definitely will swoon over this gift item. This is another funny Christmas gift idea for her this season. You sure will have her smiling from the cuteness of the gift.

  1. Statement Mug

Any girl will want to have this coffee statement mug. It’s a funny gift item that is perfect for her this holiday season. You will leave a mark for her with this present. She can bring this in her office and just use it every day.

  1. Hair Chalk

This colorful set of hair chalk is one for keeps. She will love this gift item. You will have her experimenting on her hair. The colors are temporary so she will be able to wear different shades each day. The Hair Chalk is affordable and you definitely will save a lot of money with this novelty.

  1. Cartoon Character Socks

Give her a set of this Cartoon Character Socks this Christmas season. You will have her smiling from ear to ear with this item. It’s a cute yet funny way to show that you care. You give her warmth with these socks at the same time, the designs will make her laugh.

  1. Funny Coffee Mug

If you know someone that’s awesome, give her this funny mug. It has the perfect statement for an awesome person. You will have her wanting this mug for all seasons. It is easy to get online and so affordable. A must have this Christmas time.

  1. License Plate Frame

Another perfect funny Christmas gift idea for her is this License Plate Frame. You sure will have her love this gift. It is hilariously unique. She will want to drive around town with this plate on. Make her special and give her this novelty item that she will keep.

  1. Garden Gloves with Claws

For those who are fond of gardening, this pair of garden gloves is perfect. The funny thing about this gift item is it includes claws. These claws can be used for digging the soil. You will definitely be giving her a favor to keep her hands safe while gardening.

  1. Wine Umbrella

Keep her dry during the rainy days with this wine umbrella. This gift item is a perfect one to get her this Christmas. The design will have her smiling from ear to ear. It is perfect for wine lovers. You sure will have her keeping this item forever.

  1. Zipper Beer Bottle Holders

This set of beer bottle holders is one for her collection to keep at home. These holders have a funny statement printed on them. You sure will have her laughing out loud with this unique gift item. It is perfect for the coming holiday season.

  1. Adult Baby Onsie

You will make her Christmas memorable with this Adult Baby Onsie as a gift. She will be laughing so hard she can cry when she sees this gift item. It is one for keeps. She can have it as a souvenir. If she wants to have fun at home, she can wear it in her living room.

  1. Funny Pregnant Mug

If you know someone who’s expecting this coming holidays, this funny pregnant mug is a perfect gift. You will have her smiling with this funny yet unique gift item. This is perfect for her adult milk every morning.

  1. Cute Socks Set

Another collection of cute socks that’s perfect for this holiday season. This special gift will keep her warm during this cold weather. The quotes underneath the socks are so cute that she will definitely keep this set all year long.

  1. Drink Coasters

These drink coasters with statements are one of the perfect funny Christmas gifts for her. She will want to see this in her household. It’s funny and it will be memorable for her. This item is so affordable and you save the best value for your money.

  1. Funny Mouse Pad Accessory

This funny mouse pad accessory is a great Christmas gift for her who is always working on her computer. This funny statement printed on the mouse pad will give her a good laugh this season. This gift item is so easy to get online and is very affordable.

  1. Funny Prescription Mug

Here’s a funny prescription mug that’s a great gift idea for her during Christmas. You sure will enjoy the look on her face when she gets this gift item. Her coffee mornings will be so chill with this mug. It is a cool gift and she can keep this for a long time.

  1. Vintage Beer Glass

Make her laugh this Christmas with this Vintage Beer Glass. It has the year of her birth printed on it. You will definitely be the one giving her the most memorable Christmas gift this year. Have a sense of humor this coming holidays and enjoy the season.



There you have it, some gift ideas to give her this Christmas. These items are readily available online. You can choose which one best fits the person you are giving it to. The good thing about these items is these are really affordable. Enjoy the holidays with these items. Make her smile and give the love of course.

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