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Giving gifts for Christmas need not be expensive. There are many gift items out there that are affordable. Actually, a lot of presentable gifts are available online. You just have to check these out. If it’s too hard to find what you are looking for, why not have a special theme for your gifts. You can find funny presents on the internet that are affordable.

If you give him something unique, he sure will remember it all year long. The best gifts are of course the ones given with love. So, find the perfect gift now. It is hard to find the ones that fit because of the wide array of choices. That is why we help you out.

Several gift ideas for him are everywhere. To help you out, we make you a list here of 20 Practical Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Him. You sure will find these items funny and worth keeping. The best part is these gift items are really affordable.


Here are 20 Practical Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Him To keep:


  1. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug

Here’s a gift that can last long. The Don’t Speak Coffee Mug is a funny gift item for him. You sure will make his coffee mornings memorable and funny. It’s something that he can cherish. It is a clear mug that you see the contents in it. The sayings printed on the mug do not easily wear off. This is a simple yet special funny Christmas gift idea for him to keep for sure.


  1. Knit Hat With Fake Beard

knithat with fake beardGive him a good laugh with this Knit Hat paired with a Fake Beard. This gift item is sure to last. It is one of the perfect funny Christmas gift ideas for him. He can easily keep this and use it when the climate is cold. You not only give him a hilarious gift, but you also give him a useful one. The good news is the Knit Hat with Fake Beard is affordable and you can easily order it.



  1. Potty Golf Game

potty golf gameAnother great funny Christmas gift idea for him is this Potty Golf Game. You sure will have him laughing upon receiving the gift. The Potty Golf Game is affordable. This gift item will last and it is for keeps. Being in the comfort room will never be this fun with the Potty golf Game.


  1. Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen FlaskSneak your booze anytime, anywhere with this Sunscreen Flask. This is one excellent funny Christmas gift idea for him. You are sure that he will be so grateful to you for a long time with this present. It can carry your booze without growing suspicions from onlookers. This is perfect for the coming holiday season.


  1. Emoji Golf Balls

emoji golf ballsThis Emoji Golf Balls set is a great find. It is one of the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him. This is especially special for golf lovers. These balls are fun. You can’t help but smile about the gift. You sure will make his golf games worth it.


  1. Racing Grannies

racing granniesHere is another perfect funny Christmas gift for him. These two racing grannies are fun. All you need to do is wind these little pieces and these grannies are off to go. It is perfect for the holiday season. He sure will have something to play with during his spare time.


  1. Giant Backscratcher

back scratcherThis giant back scratcher is a great Christmas gift idea for him. It’s a handy back scratcher that he can be anytime. So whenever he’s working on anything at home, he can always have this ready. This gift item gives satisfaction to those who are fond of scratching their backs.


  1. Zombie Farts Cotton Candy

zombie fartsBrighten up his day with the Zombie Farts Cotton Candy. He sure will be laughing out loud with this gift item. This funny Christmas gift idea for him can be for anybody. You can give this during the holiday season and add humor to the Christmas spirit.


  1. Butt-Face Soap

butt face soapGive this to him this coming holidays and you sure both will be laughing about it. Have a sense of humor because life is meant to be lived with love and laughter. The Butt-Face Soap is perfect for him. This is also a really useful gift item.


  1. Beer Holder

beer holderHere’s another perfect funny Christmas gift idea for him. The beer holder is shaped like a dumbbell. This is so useful and yet you give him a good laugh during the holidays. This beer holder is so affordable. You sure will get the best value for your money.


  1. Pocket Comb

Pocket CombA pocket comb would come in handy for him. This comb is unique. You can also place it in your back pocket and it’s going to be ready for you anytime. Give this to him this coming holiday season. It’s a funny Christmas gift idea that can be kept for a long time.


  1. Dog USB

Dog USBHere’s a funny Christmas gift idea for someone who needs to store a lot of stuff from their computers. This dog USB will definitely give him a smile on his face when he gets it. The item is easy to purchase. You can get it at a reasonable price online.


  1. Potty Fishing Game

potty fishing gameIf you want to let him relax and enjoy while in the comfort room, this is the perfect Christmas gift for him. It’s a funny gift item that’s so affordable. This is a unique gift with a purpose. Fishing is fun and you sure will give him a good laugh this coming holiday season.


  1. Toilet Darts

toilet dartsAnother funny way to enjoy while taking a go is play darts. This Toilet Dart set is a funny Christmas gift idea for him to keep. You will definitely make his Christmas memorable with this gift item. The Toilet Darts set is affordable and can easily be purchased online.


  1. Fart Santa Doll

Fart Santa DollPull the finger, and Santa farts. This Christmas gift item is hilarious and is perfect for him. He definitely will have a good laugh with this present. You can get this funny gift item at anytime online. This is so affordable and you get the best value for your money.


  1. Farting Pen

Farting PenNow, this is really funny. This farting pen looks like poo. It farts whenever you use it. The farting pen is another great gift idea for the Christmas season. You sure will make him laugh with this present. It is easy to get and very affordable.


  1. Bag of Poo

bag of pooAnother fun gift idea for Christmas is this bag of poo. You can give it to him for a great sense of humor this season. The bag of poo will have him laughing out loud this Christmas. This item is readily available online.


  1. Talking Hamster

talking hamsterThe talking hamster mimics whatever you say. It is another great funny Christmas gift idea for him to keep. This will make the Christmas season really fun. He sure will cherish this unique gift for a long time. You can get this online.


  1. Pint Glass

Pint glass

Here’s a cute yet funny Christmas gift idea for him. These glasses have several cartoon character designs on them. It is a great gift that is sure to last. He can use it with any beverage he prefers. Surely, he will remember you while drinking from these cartoon character pint glasses.


  1. Belly Pouch

belly pouchThis belly pouch is sure for keeps. You can give it to him as a Christmas gift. The pouch that’s shaped like a belly is funny enough to make him laugh. You can get this gift item easily online. The price of this belly pouch is so affordable. You definitely will get the best value for your money.



The list here is just some of the best funny Christmas gift ideas for him. He definitely will have a great Christmas story to tell with these items. Giving is best during the holiday season. You will have him wanting for more once he gets one of these items.

We all need a good sense of humor to get by in life. One of the best ways to be funny is giving gifts that are unique and hilarious. Laughing has always been good for the health. Give these items to him to keep for a long time.

You can get these items for a male person you know. They can be officemates, friends, or boyfriends. You can even get these items for your dad or granddads. One thing is for sure, you will definitely give someone a hearty laugh this Christmas time.

Now is the best time to go on shopping for the perfect gift. The list here will already give you an idea on what to get him for Christmas. We made it easy for you. Just pick the one that you like best. Pick the best that you think he will love.

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