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Are you aiming for a hilarious and absurd Christmas surprise for your sister? Most of the time, your sister is someone who gives you comfort, support, and care. But moments of fights and misunderstanding cannot be sometimes avoided. Whether you are in good terms or not with your sister, she still deserves to get her gift this Christmas. If you run out of funny Christmas gift ideas for your sister, we’ll help you with it.

Below are some of the absurd and outrageous funny Christmas gift ideas for your sister. Check them out.


1 ) Korean Fluffy Bubble Face Mask

Is your sister a fan of K-beauty? This outrageous Korean face mask can surprisingly make your skin healthy and smooth. This is a hilarious way of achieving a distinct beauty. Go get one for your sister and transform her into a funny looking beast when she applied this fluffy bubble mask. This is one ideal shocking funny Christmas gift ideas for your sister.  Korean Fluffy Bubble Face Mask exfoliates your pores, which makes your skin radiant and young looking.

2 ) Glow In the Dark Hair Dye

Don’t just make your Christmas tree glow.  You can also put some shiny effect on your sister. Make her stand out even in the darkest evening through adding something fancy glowing color in her hair. The Glow in the Dark Hair Dye will create an awesomely pretty touch in your sisters’ hair. It’s an ammonia and peroxide-free dye and most of all, it is a vegan-friendly hair dye.

3 ) Facial Fitness Device

Put this funny stuff in your sister’s mouth and she will turn into a more beautiful comical swan. This Facial Fitness Device may give a hilarious look to your sister, but this is one of the economical and less painful ways of achieving or maintaining a nice youthful appearance.  This is best for people who want to firm as well as tone the weak muscles in their faces.

4 ) Sleeping Band Headphones

Get rid of dreadful messy hair image while sleeping.  Make your sister appear beautiful and relax even in her napping hours. Sleeping becomes more comfortable and sound with the addition of music. With the Sleeping Band Headphones, your sister can enjoy music while asleep. This is a headband with enabled Bluetooth can play about 13 hours straight.  Its wireless range reaches up to fifteen to 30 feet.

5 ) Heat Activated Hair Color Kit

Having dull hair problems? It’s Christmas! Add some color to your sister’s boring hair. It works like magic, turning your hair color into another color through pressing heat on it. It gives a cool violet vibe with a combination of pink, then yellow and lime green.   Your hair will have a true Christmas color and vibe. Be as colorful as always.

6 ) Female Urination Funnel

Girls’ generation can now stand like a man, even when peeing. And man, no kidding for this. This absurd Female Urination Funnel (yes it’s really a funnel for peeing) totally breaks the walls of gender inequality.  But on the other side, your sister will love them in times of peeing emergencies.

7 ) Full Body Pillow

Tired of embracing yourself in times of hardships?  Enough of the uncomfortable lonely night scene and get a full body to embrace with the presence of the Full Body Pillow.  It doesn’t just provide emotional support. Also, it gives a full leg and back support.

8 ) Rainbow Splat Nail Polish

Sometimes, deciding on what nail polish color to choose is harder than perfectly applying it on your nails.  If you’re still undecided, why not splash all the color in your nails and that solves it all. Cut your options and go with Rainbow Splat Nail Polish.

9 ) Monkey Nail Blow Dryer

Your nail will be a monkey’s business. If you want to set the mood into a hilarious one whenever you have nail painting time, having a monkey will be better.  Not a real monkey, but an adorable monkey stuff that will blow your boredom away and blow-dry your nails at the same time.

10 ) Snuggle Pillow

When Mr. Right seems nowhere to be found and your sister seems so lonely about it, give her an ultimately comfortable and entertaining stuff to cry on.  Snuggle pillow is one of the hilarious things to lean on. Your sister can even change its clothes. Provide her a comfy shoulder to rest and embrace each night and that will not will make her feel lonely anymore.

11 ) Anti-Wrinkle Face Slimming Mouthpiece

Is your sister extremely becomes sensitive when it comes to her looks and skin wrinkles? If so, you can give her an awesome and hilarious   Anti-Wrinkle Face Slimming Mouthpiece. Achieve a nicer and younger look in a non-wacky yet amusing way.

12 ) MacBook Pocket Mirror

A MacBook and a mirror in one?  Your sister can beautify herself beyond limits. This miniature MacBook pocket mirror brings face conscious people into a next level convenience, uniqueness and fun. It’s like one technological kind of quality mirror for retouching face or applying makeup.

13 ) Dust Mopping Slippers

Are you and your sister frequently fights over simple chores at home? Instead of wasting energy on cat fights, why not give her a fancy and funny beneficial thing to use and laugh about.  These Dust Mapping Slippers make cleaning chore easy and fast. This is an absurd and funny Christmas gift ideas for your lazy sister.

14 ) Black Cat Stockings

Tired of catfights? The Two black cats on your sister’s legs can be the cutest thing ever, most especially if she’s a cat lover.  It’s one great peace offering this Christmas season. How adorable would that be?

15 ) Pepper Spray Bracelet

Being trendy is nice, but being safely prepared is nicer. When you have both senses of trend and safety preparations that would be great. Your sister can act cool while safely guarding and protecting herself from bad elements through the pepper Spray Bracelet. This is a handy accessory having a slim and sleek design. This would be one funny and thoughtful gift for your sister this Christmas.

16 ) Bitch Mug

Is your sister a bitchy one, yet she’s not aware with that fact? Try giving a hint through this Bitch Mug. She might realize what you are trying to imply. Every coffee time will surely be filled with funny bitchy stuff.  It also gives others a bitchy signal. Wrap this Bitch Mug lightly this Christmas and make your bitchy sister freak out.

17 ) Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Take nail polish sessions into the most comfortable and amusing way with this ring-like holder. It is actually a Wearable Nail Polish Holder, which is intended to securely grip the nail polish bottle.  Your sister’s nail polish will now properly and easily done through this fancy holder.

18 ) Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

Sip every bit of coffee flavor in a toilet bowl (which is actually a toilet bowl-shaped mug). It may sound gross, but you would love the reaction of your sister when you give this to her.  This is actually one nice and unique mug with a distinct, yet so familiar design.  Every morning, coffee time will surely be filled with oozing energy. Through just seeing the mug, your sleepy soul will be forcibly awakened.

19 ) Guitar Ice Cube Mold

Does your sister love guitar?  Seeing a guitar being dipped into her drinks will somewhat break her heart. Or she could react the other way around. She might jump with fun seeing her favorite stuff anywhere. This Guitar Ice Cube Mold has a unique real guitar appearance and it’s made from a nice silicone (food grade). This funny Christmas gift ideas for your sister will rock in parties.

20 ) Heart Shaped Umbrella

Is your sister filled with bitterness? Express your deepest love and concern for your sister with the Heart shaped umbrella. It’s one cheesy way of saying that your love for your sister will protect her…from the rain.   Let this umbrella spice up the bitter mood of your beloved sister.

21 ) The Gift of Nothing

Since your sister is one special person, give her nothing as a gift, I mean,” The Gift of Nothing” will suit her well. It’s not a prank gift or whatever you called it. Surprise your sister with these and you might be surprised as well.

22 ) Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask

Bring luxury into your sister’s face. Experience a luxurious face treatment with the Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask.  Yes, you read it right. You might as well consider this a jewel.  This amusing face mask protects your skin from irritating wrinkles as well as face’s fine lines. The human skin can easily absorb gold, which helps in cell regeneration.

Giving gifts to a relative or family member is not actually a required every Christmas, but if you are grateful for their existence, those funny gift ideas will be a remarkable Christmas token. Most of you would surely have a sister and for those who have not, there will be someone who acts like a sister to you.

The above funny Christmas gift ideas for your sister will somewhat complete their Christmas holiday. All the items above are all linked in Amazon, so if anything interests you, you can easily find it there.

If you want to share your Christmas funny experience and gift to us, just leave your comments below or email us.


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