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Are you troubled on what gifts to wrap for your cat lover friend or family this Christmas? Since Christmas comes only once in a year, why not rock their Christmas with extremely funny, yet vital cat-related gifts.


Check these Funny Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers that will make them speechless.

1 ) Wine for Cats

It’s Christmas and the fury fellow of your cat lover friend might be freezing in sorrow.  So, aside from giving wine to your friend, you can also wrap wine for cats as a gift.  Just imagine how fun it is seeing your friend and his/her cat getting drunk together.


2 ) Pet Spider Costume

Turn your cats into cute Christmas spiders, which can make your parties more notable and entertaining. This is intended for pets weighing up to fifteen pounds.


3 ) Cat Puke Toothpaste Dispenser

Don’t waste cat’s puke and turn it into toothpaste. It’s such a gross idea, right? But you can try an interesting and comical way of dispensing toothpaste from a cat-like thing through the Cat Puke Toothpaste Dispenser.  This makes your breath fresh while blowing your mind a bit.


4 ) Cat Ears Headphones

Play cool and hilarious with booth vibe of music and cat ear effects. This Cat Ears Headphone will contribute additional exciting and funny touch to your Christmas.  It also emits captivating neon light, which can attract your crush or other cat lovers.


5 ) Shark Pet Bed

This fluffy shark will swallow in and spew out your cats harmlessly. Since cats love fish, it’s one funny idea to let them dwell on it through this Shark Poet Bed. It doesn’t just provide a unique place for cat rest, it also has a cool feature such as absorbing pet odor as well as bacteria through its nanotechnology. Cleaning is also easy because you can just unzip this thing.


6 ) Cat Burger Pillow

Let your cat sleep in a burger. Your cute little kitty will have its wonderful Christmas space through the Cat Burger Pillow.  It makes small cats comfortable and secure in your house.



7 ) Cat Face Massager

When there’s a new cute gorgeous cat next door. Go freshen up and maintain your cat’s youthful look to make it more appealing. Cat Face Massager will help you with that.  It tightens the cat skin and relaxes its muscles.  It’s one funny thing to try to your cats this Christmas season.


8 ) Cat Car Headrest Pillow

Having a cat passenger would be hilariously exciting. Cat Car Headrest Pillow is another funny Christmas gift for cat lovers.  It is a soft headrest pillow with a detailed and adorable cat look.


9 ) Lion Cat Hat

Let the little cute furry friend of yours feel like a prestige king this time. From cute inferior creature, be a cat’s fairy godmother and transform them into a mighty appearing look.  It is one of the adorable funny Christmas gifts for cat lovers.


10 ) Brainwave Cat Ears

There are times that with your extreme love for your cats, you sometimes think to be one.  Well, you can start having that “cat feeling” with the Brainwave Cat Ears. It’s actually more fun and realistic way of having cat ears experience compared to picture filters.  Wearing it at Christmas parties will be awesome.


11 ) Cat Hair Is Lonely People Glitter

To all pet lovers in the word, here is the shirt that will make you happy. This is one funny statement that will shred the cat lover’s lonely Christmas away.  Or pet lovers can ignore the line and just enjoy the adorable cat head print on the shirt.


12 ) Grumpy Cat Plushie

Are you tired and extremely pestered with the world predicaments and there seems no one to understand you? Scratch such way of thinking, this Grumpy Cat Plushie is more doomed than you.   This grumpy cat will make you realize that your beauty is more important than those who irritate you.


13 ) Professional Pet Neck Tie

Wrap a pet necktie to achieve a professional pet look in parties. Pet lovers would go crazy seeing their pets in the respectful getup.


14 ) Capsule Pet Travel Backpack

Let cats see the wider world without putting threats to its safety. Bring them with you through a backpack having a space shuttle vibe. Most cats are born and died in one particular place without getting to see how beautiful the world can be. Cat lovers would surely be happy to receive this gift in Christmas day.


15 ) Licki Cat Hair Brush

Depart from common cat petting habits through acting like a real mom or father to it through the Licki Cat Hair Brush. It’s like hilariously brushing the cat’s fur through licking. You’ll just put the brush to your mouth and then, brush as if you’re actually licking the cat.  This fulfills cat lovers’ wishes.


16 ) Pet Water Fountain

Pet lovers would be surprised receiving a fountain of life for their cats.  Yes, water is life and the cats will be fascinated to drink into it.


17 ) DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

“Yow, party people! Cat DJ is in the house.  Bring the drinks in Human!”  It’s one funny thing to imagine when you have the DJ Cat Scratch Turntable in your house. Cats usually have scratching habit and this turntable post let them do it freely without harming your furniture.


18 ) Taco Cat Bed

Give another distinct touch to cat’s resting place with the yummy and comfortable Taco Cast Bed. This will make cats feel full every time because it’s actually resting on a delightful taco!


19 ) Rotating Laser Cat Toy

Provide cats a bit of entertainment this Christmas.  Since cats love to chase moving things, the Rotating Laser Cat Toy would be a great entertainment for cat lovers. The cats will enjoy playing while the owner also laugh out loud while seeing it. The laser toy offers a hands-free set-up with a laser spinning on it.


20 ) Microchip Pet Feeder

It looks like a cat being trapped in a mousetrap.  But actually, it is a type of Microchip Pet Feeder. It is one funny Christmas gifts for cat lovers that are designed to feed one pet that you want to feed. It’s favorable for cats that are under specialized diet.


21 ) Yogurt Squeeze Pops For Cats

“Hey, Hooman feed me something special this Christmas!”  Imagine the cats with long faces telling their boss this line. To cut those long faces and give cats a Christmas Instagram-worthy look, the Yogurt Squeeze Pops for Cats would spice them up.


22 ) App Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder

Enough of feeding hassles and experience a comfortable and efficient way of feeding the cats. Cat lovers can now feed their lovely cat with the use of an automatic cat feeder that is controlled by an application.   It can have about 7lbs of cat dry food.  Also, it has program feeding and can be controlled through a smartphone.


23 ) Cat Cave Bed

With so many home parties or events, your cats will be doomed with so many unfamiliar faces and disturbing noises. To prevent them from freaking out, a Cat Cave Bed would make them at ease and feel secure.  This is one thoughtful gift ever.


24) Bonnets for Cats

Want a trendy fashion gift for cat lovers? You might love the styling touch of these varied bonnets for cats. It makes a cat look like a baby or sophisticated cat monarch. This is such a remarkable and funny Christmas gift for cat lovers.


25 ) Feline Yoga Mats

Yoga for cats? Cats have a habit of stretching their body, creating different poses like a Yoga master.    They also love scratching their paws and this Feline Yoga Mats will save your floor and furniture from intense claw marks.


26 ) Cardboard Tank Cat Playhouse

“Your base is under attack!”  It would be a nice activity playing with cats using Cardboard Tank Cat Playhouse.  It’s of the one funny Christmas gifts for cat lovers. You can play war games with cute creatures like your cats.


27 ) Cat Exercise Wheel

Think in advance and prepare for the food effects of Christmas.  A lot of yummy foods will be served and a cat is just cute creatures that can’t so NO to these.  This Cat Exercise Wheel is perfect for maintaining the purrfect figure of cats.


28 )  Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

It will be an awesome funny sight viewing different cut butts pinned on your ref’s door. The set of cat butts comes in a unique design, which means you’re having a ref magnet with different kitty appeals.  This is one ultimately and perfect funny Christmas gifts for cat lovers.


29 ) Whack-A-Mole Cat Toy

Does your cat disturbs you a lot and wants some playtime with you? Challenge your cats’ alertness and speed with Whack-A-Mole Cat Toy. It will bring your playing time into a really entertaining level.  It’s kind of thrilling type of activity to try with your pets this Christmas holiday.


Let cat lovers be surprised and entertained through unwrapping the above funny Christmas gifts for cat lovers. If you have more questions, you can leave your message below.  Have a fruitful and happy Christmas world!


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