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‘It’s the season for Christmas shopping and gift-giving once again. If you love gifting your friends and family, then you know that the Christmas season is one of the best excuses to spend on your loved ones. No one can resist that warm fuzzy feeling seeing someone happy with a gift you’ve given them.

But maybe you’ve already done your Christmas shopping last Black Friday, or perhaps you’re just way ahead of schedule. Is there someone else you can add to that list? Someone you’ve accidentally forgotten? Here’s an idea: what about your dog or your friends’ dogs?

The Christmas season is for everyone to celebrate – even our furry companions! Why not give your dog lover friends and their pets a Christmas to remember? Here are some funny Christmas gifts for dogs you might want to add to your shopping list:

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14 Funny Christmas Gifts For Dogs Any Pet Owner Will Love

1. Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test Kit


Christmas is the season for celebrating our friends and family. And although we like to think of ourselves as the closest family members of our dogs, they too have their lineage.

This Christmas, gift your furry little friend with a present that will help them discover their pedigree. Help them find their family and let them spend the holidays together!

DNA Tests are all the rage these days. We see YouTubers trying out these kits to find out more about their heritage. And now, dogs can do the same too! With the Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test Kit, you can investigate your dog’s ancestry, their breed and health issues they may be prone to as well.

2. Picture Your Pet

Imagine your pet dog as president – what would the world be like then? We don’t admit it very often, but we are all guilty about being biased to our dogs. They are number one, the world’s best dog, and if possible, they can take over the world.

Bring your imagination to life by commissioning a portrait of your dog as president. Not only is it a great way to pay homage to your best friend, but it also serves as cute home decor. Let your dog know that if they were running for president, you’d run their campaign and they can be sure that they will have your vote.

3. Matching Pajamas


Nothing says ‘family’ more than matching pajamas. If you consider your dog as an important part of the family, then give them a set of matching jammies. The whole family can wear them on Christmas Eve or in the morning after when you’re unwrapping your presents. Don’t forget to take a family photo with your pet dog too!

4. Dogbrella


Let’s face it – your dog has been through a lot of your drama this year. They’re always around when you need someone to hug or someone to listen to your problems. Through rain or shine, your dog has always been your best friend.

So this Christmas, let them know that you’re there for them too. No matter how hard the rain pours, they can expect you to be there for them, and the Dogbrella is probably the best tool you can get to do this. Instead of staying indoors when the weather is down, take your dog for a short walk with the Dogbrella.

5. Doggie Fountain


Admit it. Sometimes you forget to add more water to your poor doggie’s bowl. Their ability to survive through your lack of responsibility is such a mystery. But don’t worry, you don’t have to wallow in self-guilt anymore.

Here’s a gift that can benefit you and your dog at the same time. The Doggie Fountain is your pal’s access to unlimited water anytime they need a drink. Your dog will also appreciate how easy it is to use and how entertaining it is rather than drinking from any old bowl.

6. Stache Dog Toy

Are you the type of dog lover who enjoys dressing up their dogs? It is an undeniable fact that anything a dog wears is automatically cute or funny. Because of this, a lot of dog lovers tend to buy things for their dogs for face value. And also because it would look good on your Instagram feed.

If you’re looking for a funny Christmas gift for dogs, look no further. Here’s a simple toy that will make any ordinary moment funny and picture-worthy. The Stache Dog Toy is a toy in the shape of a human mustache – because we all know that dogs with staches are hilarious.

7. Pooch Selfie

Taking pictures is one of the best ways to preserve our memories. This holiday season, give your dog a gift that allows both of you to have more preserved memories.

The Pooch Selfie is a tool for your smartphone camera that can help you take better photos with your dog. No matter if your dog is camera shy or just unable to sit still, the Pooch Selfie should help you get their attention for a quick snap. Let’s hope they don’t try to eat your phone!

8. Harry Barker Dog Spa Kit

Nobody can say no to a spa day – not even your furry best friend. All of us can feel stressed out once in a while even our dogs need a day off or two. Who knew that there is such a thing as a spa kit for dogs?

This holiday season, treat your dog to a spa date. This spa kit has all the essentials you need to guarantee and luxurious and relaxing time for your pet. And the best thing about this fun Christmas gift for dogs is that a portion of your cash goes to charity too!

9. Classic Pet Portrait


There’s something very regal and dignified about a classic portrait. It shows that the person is significant, noble, and respectable – just like your dog. No other person you know deserves that kind of prestige than your pet, so why not order a classic portrait for them this Christmas?

All you have to do is to send in a photo of your pooch, and voila, you have their classical portrait painted by an artist – just like how they do it in the old days. Display the painting in your house and let the world know that your dog isn’t just like any other dog; they have class and royal pedigree.

10. Bubbletastic


Does your dog love bacon? How about bubbles? Do they enjoy playing outside, running around chasing them? You can waste your breath blowing all day to prove how much you love your dog or you can buy them the Bubbletastic.

The Bubbletastic is an excellent funny Christmas gift for dogs, especially if they love bacon as its bubbles are bacon-scented. If you think your dog is out-of-shape or you just want them to get busy outdoors, this is the perfect solution for you.

11. Sausage Link Leash


All dogs love going out for a walk. But why not take dog-walking to the next level by getting a leash that they will surely enjoy. The sausage link leash is the best gift for any dog who loves sausages and walks. Bring this out during your regular stroll and your dog will be the envy of other dogs walking by!

12. Pearhead Pet Holiday Ornament Keepsake


A lot of us find Christmas decor to be very sentimental, especially the ones we use to hang on our trees. In fact, some of us may still have decor from our past Christmas memories.

To a lot of us, Christmas decor isn’t just about making our homes look ready for the holidays; it’s about reliving our memories as well.

Let your dog be a part of those memories by creating their own pawprint ornament keepsake. Now you’ll have more cherished memories to look back on in the following years to come.

13. Isabella Dog Bed


So many of us are guilty of spoiling our little furry companions. But we are rarely sorry about it. If you are willing to spend so much more on your pet as a sign of your undying love, why not take it to the next level?

This Christmas, give your dog a bed that is best suited for a princess because we all know that our dogs are nothing less than royal. They deserve only the best treatment, and that does not discount the royal dog bed.

14. Rawhide Holiday Canes


Looking for something simple but also something your dog will surely enjoy? Give your dog a pack of rawhide holiday canes; you can never go wrong with it. It’s something all dogs already enjoy and the festive colors just add up to the Christmas theme.

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Final Thoughts

Christmas is the best time to show our appreciation for the people who are always there for us, no matter what the season. Since the holidays are for celebrating with friends and family, one shouldn’t forget to include their pet dogs in the merrymaking! While giving gifts is a favorite part of the holidays for many, it’s the thought that counts. What’s important is that you’ve made someone smile!

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