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Finally, it’s Christmas time! Aside from enjoying Christmas foods and cherishing the moment, one exciting part is gift giving or gift sharing with everyone. If you still don’t know what’s the best unforgettable gift for your loved ones,  we will give you awesomely unique and funny Christmas gifts for family.

Bring Christmas joy to the next level with these funny Christmas gifts for a family:

1) Surprisingly Awkward and Funny Toilet Decal

Searching for a unique gift that will leave your family speechless is hard to find. But, yeah, it will now be easy for you to make them speechless with this surprisingly awkward and funny toilet decal.


2) Penguin Water Bottles

This is adorably cute in every angle. Imagine your whole family having these in your Christmas vacation. That would be the cutest and sweetest thing ever! Each bottle can have 8.5 ounces of water and other drinks. It will not just make your family hydrated, you’ll also have merry Christmas feel with family.


3) Beef Jerky Rose Bouquets

Giving real rose in Christmas is out, but giving edible rose bouquet made of beef jerky is absolutely in! This mount-watering treats will make them grant your ultimate Christmas wish.


4) Make It Rain Money Shooter

Be showered with money through giving this so extra Money Shooter to your family. Let them put out their money and shoot it high. Anyway, Christmas is time for giving, so brace yourself and receive the most of those flying dollars.


5) Edible Candy Cane Shot Glasses

Have some exciting toast with interestingly sweet edible candy cane shot glasses. Getting drunk with these candy cane glasses will take your family’s Christmas affairs to the next level. This whole shot glass candy is flavored with peppermint, which has 1.76 oz. capacity.


6) Funny Red Inflatable Tube as Christmas Décor

From your family’s car or up to your living room, this wacky red inflatable man will uplift the mood and shower lively aura to your home. It can be available in 2 desktop sizes.


7) Christmas Bloody Bath Mat

Wanting a horrific, yet funny Christmas surprise for your family? Bloody bath mat changes its color whenever someone with wet foot stepped on it. Red footprints and stains-like blood can be seen. It’s a 16 inches x 39 inches bath mat that makes a Christmas crime scene.


8) Santa Hates You Christmas card

Christmas wouldn’t be merry if you’ll not throw some fun. This is another card that will fill your family with mix emotion. At first, it’s kind of shocking message because of “Santa Hates You” line, but the truly unique message will be seen inside. Such a rocking Christmas card it is.


9) Coin-Sized Tracking Device

When everything seems missing or out of place, this tracking device lets you know the location of your important stuff or family members. This device is assisted with an app, which allows you to track things down.   It would be exciting to play as a spy this Christmas. Include this stuff in your family gift and know what they are up to.


10) Intriguing Coin Eating Bank

These days, having a saving is extremely important. Let your family’s Christmas season extremely blissful through this funny red coin eating bank. Feed this coin bank frequently or else you’ll end up horribly surprised every time you stare at its intimidating expressive eyes.  It’s also one perfect funny Christmas gift for family.


11) Big Box of Ladybugs

If your family is an insect lover, wrapping this big box having thousands of live ladybugs would surely be a blast.  You’ll explode with excitement while your family also explodes in horror.  They will surely be speechless.


12) Smart Plug

Add a smart addition to your house interior. This emoji-looking smart plug makes it easy for your family to control your appliances like fan, TV, coffee maker, and lights through your voice.  Being lazy while being smart makes your every life comfortable and easy.


13) All-In-One Breakfast Cooking Station

Level up your family’s cooking station through gathering all your kitchen necessities in one.  Mornings are a busy time for cooking, preparing foods, coffee and etc.  This is one ideal and jaw-dropping station setup that your family would love.


14) Jabbah the Hut Coffee Mug

Have a Jabbah morning coffee feeling through the out of these world mug design of Jabba the Hut Coffee Mug. Your family will have more significant Christmas mornings with the unique feature of this mug.  It can accommodate 20 ounces and it will also be perfect for handling soups or beverages.


15 ) The Floor Is Lava Floor

Christmas is full of happy and breathes taking surprises.  Let your family experience one blow of Christmas horror with this funny Christmas gifts for Family. This is a simple 3D decal that has an incredible impact on your Christmas victims. It’s best if you always have a camera on standby to get the best funny Christmas memory ever.


16 ) Toilet Mini-Golf

Spending time in your toilet could sometimes become boring, but it’s a necessity to do every day.  To kill bored moments and make toilet time a bit interesting, the Toilet Mimi Golf will be a funny relevant addition to your bathroom.  It’s one great surprise gift for the family most especially if most of them are golfing enthusiast.


17 ) Pizza Beanbag

If you think you confidently know what comfort food is, you’ll surely be in doubt when you got to see the Pizza Beanbag. It’s like a heavenly ultra large and comfy chunk of pizza that would take away your stress or anxiety. It gives soft and refreshing embraces to anyone who uses it which is a perfect gift for family.


18 ) Sumo Wrestler Table

Give your family a funny Christmas sumo feels with Sumo Wrestler center table piece. It adds a distinct Far East touch, which would satisfy family that would love the unique interior stuff.  The Sumo Wrestler Table is highly detailed enabling Christmas visitors to view it vividly.


19 ) Emergency Piggy Bank

When an emergency hits you, you should always be prepared whether in big or small ways. Emergency Piggy Bank is not just a simple small piggy bank. It also has a distinct design that could suit well to any of your family’s room design. It looks like a fire alarm, where in case of an emergency, you can just break it.


20 ) Money Toilet Paper Roll

Feel like a billionaire who just used a hundred dollar bill to wipe your ass with it. Such Money Toilet Paper Roll creates an overwhelming kind of feeling.  This Christmas, let your family feel how lavish you are through giving them a roll of dollars, which is strictly for comfort room use only.


21 ) Testicles Tea Bag

Do you have a tea-lover family? Start your family day with a green curious mind. Make your tea time more wonderful and soothing with the use of testicles tea bags. Drink tea with the taste of heaven and have testosterone boost in your every sip.  Wonderful Christmas tea break indeed.


22 ) Poop Soap Bars

Are you thinking of adding some surprising touch to your comfort rooms? Why not add some poop on your washing area. No, not the poop you are thinking about now. It is actually poop-like soap bars that would surely create a nice disgusting, yet exciting comfort room feels. People in your house including your guest would be greatly surprised with it during Christmas time.  This is a hilarious thing that is available in varied sizes and shapes.


23 ) Boobie Milk Dispenser

Make your family gift more interesting without sacrificing its value.  This boobie milk dispenser dispenses milk (not a real breast milk dear) to your family’s coffee cup.  This device is squeezable having a round shape and very similar to lactation.  Opening this kind of thing this Christmas would be remarkable.


24 ) Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Make your family’s shower experience a bit disgusting and fun with the addition of nose dispenser in your comfort room (CR).  Loading the nose dispenser with green shower necessities like shampoo, shower gel, soap, and scrub will make you achieve a perfect runny nose feel.  Nose Shower Gel Dispenser is one hilarious way to make your family’s Christmas experience an extremely memorable one.


25 ) Pepperoni Pizza Beach Blanket

Christmas on beach calls for a lot of food cravings.  This Pepperoni Pizza Beach Blanket will satisfy your pizza desire and will keep your eyes full of lavish sight.  It is a hundred percent made of a microfiber towel, which measures 5 feet across.


26 ) Watch Ya Mouth Party Game

To boost up hilarious family party games, this Mouthguard will make you and your family laugh in tears.  It’s an extreme and exciting game inclusion in every party games.


27 ) Smartphone Selfie Ring Light 

Enough of the dim and blurry picture. It’s now time to take your family selfies to the next level with the help of Smartphone Selfie Ring Light. This gives sufficiently perfect light for awesome selfies.


28 ) Upside down Wine Glass

Turn your family’s world upside down as you give this mind-blowing funny Christmas gift for family.  Christmas drinking moments will be more fun with this baffling wine glass idea.   This is like a strange way of enjoying   Christmas wine.


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