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Do you want to show how much you love your besties, best friend, or best buddy in a very entertaining and unforgettable way this Christmas? Those persons who laugh crazily hard to your stupid moments and the same creatures who have stayed by your side through your darkest and brightest struggles deserves a great love this season.

Let them feel how special they are with the most thoughtful and quite entertaining gifts ideas. Check them out here.

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1) Guy Farting Bubbles

Do your besties love the magic and fascination brought by bubbles? If she does, this hilarious bubble farting guy would contribute a hilarious and fascinating magic to your friends Christmas.  This adorable bubble toy can consistently fart tiny bubble streams. Well, he farts adorably amazing.

2) Edible Spoon

Give your best friend spoons and let them eat it. Food is one of the resistible things on earth, which commonly disguised in a most unexpected shape. If the best friends of yours are so fond of yummy unique-looking food, this edible spoon would be enough to freak them out.  Just put a ribbon on this and this gift is ready.

3) F*ck Off Sleeping Mask

You surely have that one best buddy who loath disturbance when he/she sleeps. To save others from the anger and threat of sleeping lion, this sleeping mask would serve as an effective warning. F*ck Off Sleeping Mask has two purposes, which is to save lives and keep your friend from committing a grave sin.

4)Meaningful Funny Socks

Since Christmas is a cold season, socks are just a great gift idea. It shows how much you care for your best friend in cold days. But these socks are far more special than others. Just hope that your best friend read the sock’s message with a heart and get an instant wine this Christmas!

5)Portable Sun Shade

Do your besties want to get tanned but afraid to make her face appear so toasted? Mild heat from the sun lends energy, but receiving too much heat and exposure from it will irritate the skin. Aside from bags of sunblock, you can give her sun shades for protection.

6) Best Bitches Pendant

For more years of being the best bitches experience together, have a toast and let this fancy pendant be the witness. It’s terrific to find one or more fine best bitches in this world.  Each pendant portion represents a closely connected relationship that will not be broken by distance and other barriers.  Cheers to your bestie bitches!

7)  Lazy Phone Holder

Do you have that one crazy and lazy best friend? If yes, your best friend will be a good match with this lazy phone holder. It is designed to make trips entertaining in a very convenient way. This phone holder perfectly fits the neck while safely holding your phone in a nice viewing distance.

8)Crystal Ball Galaxy

Your hardworking and loving best buddy deserve the galaxy so why not give her/him one? Let your special friend realize how big and beautiful that the world could be.  This crystal ball galaxy best fit your desktop and has a 2.4 inches crystal sphere diameter. Aside from that, it has a nice stand. Surprise your friend and let wonder how the galaxy fits into this cute tiny crystal ball.

9) Squishy Cute and Funny Cat iPhone Cases

Relieve your best friend’s stress over her boyfriend through petting this cute funny cat iPhone cases. It doesn’t just protect her phone from breaking. It also gives a nice funny and adorable way to kill boring hours of the day. Each case has cat design that’s created in 3D.  Your best friend will surely go crazy on this squishy cat cases this Christmas.

10) Earthworm Jerky

Thinking of a very unique and exotic gift to your best friend this Christmas? This time, work on shocking your best friends’ taste buds through yummy earthy and exotic flavor of earthwork jerky. Have you ever heard of this jerky? It will surely be different from the gummy worms you know but, its taste will surely be interesting.

11) Get Answers to Big Questions

Your big questions might actually have short interesting and insightful answer. If your bestie always throws pondering questions about humanity, or whether there’s God and you feel lost every time, it’s better to slap her this book and find out the answer herself. She can even find answers to her questions about space colonization. So great right?

12) 3D Moon Light

Does your best friend dream to be an astronaut and aim to be the first woman to land on the moon?   Or does she have that childhood wish to hold and have a close encounter with it? You can make her wish come true with the awesome 3D Moonlight. Light up your best friend’s gloomy night and let her always be mesmerized with the moon imitation right inside her room.

13) High Heel Protector

Do you have a compilation of the hilarious and embarrassing heels stories of your best friend? High heels bring a distinct style and posture. It makes a woman appear more confident and beautiful. But in just one stupid snap, the oozing bright charm can instantly turn into gloomy, yet funny heel accident. To protect your best partner in crime from more funny humiliations, a simple high heel protector would help.

14) Animal Sheet Masks

Does your friend appear like a ghost wearing while plain face mask matching with white long dress every time you visit her? Instead of getting a heart attack from surprising horror view why not be entertained with animal sheet masks sight. When you give ample of this masks to her this Christmas, your stomach will surely hurt while laughing out loud with your cute animal-looking friend.

15) Calm the Fuck down Coloring Book

If your bestie worries a lot and doesn’t know the term calm down when things go wrong on something, throwing this book on her would help. It’s like telling her, “Hey bestie, instead of walking around and making me dizzy, why not color this book instead.”  And that would be a more productive way of worrying.  This jaw-dropping funny Christmas gifts for your best friend is freaking good.

16) Shocking Remote Control Cockroach


Do your besties run out of crazy naughty idea on how to make Christmas more remarkable and joyful? He/she will surely love how this cockroach device runs around and freaks people out. It looks so realistic and has an efficient remote control.  It’s also so easy to carry tee naughty plan out because it can be easily hidden in pockets.

17) Entertaining Poo Book-What to Do You Poop

What are the other things that you could do when you’re pooping? Do you ever think of that? Give your best friend vast ideas on how to entertain herself/himself when pooping. The book entitled “52 Things To Do While You Poo” provides vast selection on what you can do when doing your everyday ritual. It’s one interesting and somewhat controversial gift for your best friend this Christmas that will make her speechless.

18) Self Defense Pen (Multi-Functional)

If your best friend always loses her pen, why not give her one this Christmas. But this is no ordinary pen because it is equipped or loaded with several valuable capabilities. It can help your best buddy to protect herself from outside threats or things like harassment.  This pen is a type of multifunction pen for self-defense that features tough and durable T6063 aluminum frame, which is the best feature for defending oneself.

19) Totoro Soot Sprite Slippers

Completely hid you best friend’s feet with these cute furry and bit funny slippers.  This is a black comfortable slipper that seems hid your feet from dark bushes. It also adds a nice funny appeal to your feet through the unique eye features. This is perfect funny Christmas gifts for your best friend who is allergic to so much cold.

20 ) Cute Corgi Butt Purse

If your best friend loves doggy stuff like a corgi, she will be extra happy this cute corgi butt purse. To complete the fluffy little cute butt, it has tail detail and two little adorable feet. This is a hilarious gift idea to your best friend this Christmas as compared to the typical face purse that you may see somewhere.

21) Shoe Wheel

Heels everywhere? Make your best friend’s heels organized in a hamster wheel, not a true wheel for a hamster but a shoe organizer that looks the same. Your best friend will be surprised because it will not just turn her room into a pleasing and organized place, but it will also have a big impact on the design and overall theme of her room.

22)  Peeping Cat Wall Hook

The peeping cat hook on a wall will be a great surprise for your cat-loving bestie. This adorable cat pops out whenever you place your bag or anything on its tail.  This is a favorable Christmas gift for your besties because it spread it charms and welcomes your best buddy whenever she goes home.

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Christmas Thoughts

That friendship that you have with your besties or best buddies is a type of relationship that should be treasured forever. Since they are such as wonderful and treasured creatures on earth, make their Christmas gift explode with hilarious surprise.

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