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Your parents bring you to life and Christmas season is the best time to give back and give thanks to them.  Christmas hug and greeting will be so much appreciated, but one funny thoughtful gift will leave a mark to their Christmas memories.  What are these ideal funny Christmas gifts for parents?  Check them out below.

You might be thinking of what type of Christmas gift will make them happy.

1 ) Shark Attack Mug

Brace yourself, a shark evaded your mug. This is fancy and nice funny attraction during coffee time.    This little shark looks terribly angrily as you sip and empty its coffee ocean. This will be one hilarious surprise for your parents who love coffee time together. Imagine what they will react seeing a shark that messes up with tier coffee.

2 ) Hearty Vase

Would you like a nice captivating decoration at home? Your parents might want to the smell the scent of fresh flowers such as roses and flowers of different types. This view gives fresh lively look your parent’s premises and it will be overwhelming to the heart. But instead of plain vases, this realistic hearty vase provides an astonishing realistic hearty weird feeling.  This distinct and funny vase will be a great gift for your parents this Christmas.

3 ) Book on How to Traumatize Your Children

Looking after children is oftentimes exhausting, yet entertaining.  Children can be so naughty and to spice up the parental advice or guidance, this book on “How to traumatize your Children” will be a funny addition to parent’s techniques on disciplining their child.  It’s a type of instructional book that’s best for a hilarious yet, beneficial parenting method.

4 ) Two Person Umbrella

Did you see movie scenes where a couple share the same umbrella during a rainy evening? That’s so sweet, right? Bu two umbrellas are better than one.  Look at this Two Person Umbrella, it just looks weird and funny but it’s actually brilliant. Your parents can enjoy a lot of romantic time together under heavy rain without worrying about getting too wet. This thing is one funny sweetest thing that you can offer to your parents at Christmas. What a nice surprise.

5 ) Wingman Shot Glass

Level up the sweetness of your parents with a sugary touch of Wingman Shot Glass. Christmas is not just time for giving, but a time for parties and some light drinking session. It’s a shot glass designed for two and it’s a lovely present to your parents this Christmas.

6 ) Must Read Book Before You Die

As what others say, “You only live once” so enjoy every bit of your journey. If you have travel-loving parents, but they are running out of ideas on their next destination, you could do something about it. Giving them ideas of travel destinations can be an awesome Christmas gift. Let your parents know the best places to travel before they die through a vast collection of places to see and visit that can be found in this book.

7 ) Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Food is life that’s why food processing machines become an incredible Christmas gift trend. Say goodbye to varied breakfast troubles and experience a terrific and ultra-easy breakfast cooking time preparation with Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. You can create mouthwatering breakfast as fast as five minutes. Your parents would surely love this!

8 ) See It All Rear View Mirror


Tired of turning your neck up to 360 degrees just to ensure that you’ll have a safe driving? If you’re fed up with neck strains, this See It All Rear View Mirror can be one best solution. It’s a type of panoramic mirror that is intended to provide the total view of the rear environment.  Your mom and dad would so much be thankful to receive this.

9 ) How Not To Kill Your Baby Book

Are there times where you’ve asked yourself “How not to kill babies”? Babies are adorable little angles but there will be moments that these cute babies transform into little demons in varied irritating ways.  When that happens, cool yourself down and have some time reading this guide, “How Not to Kill Your Baby Book”. It’s far better than being in jail.  If you have little sister or brother, this is the best hilarious gift for your parents.

10 ) Bed Climate Control Machine

Don’t let any weather ruin your sound sleep with the help of Bed Climate Control Machine.  This is a type of control machine that lets you change the bed climate by controlling the temperature with the help of smartphones free application.  This is a very ideal gift for parents who are very sensitive to cold or heat.

11 ) Cheese Pizza Bed Spread

Sleeping on a pizza seems like heaven and this could be everyone’s dream. If your parents dreamed of this too, why not make their dreams come true with the Cheese Pizza Bed Spread. Make your parents extra starving every night with the fluffy, comfortable yet mouthwatering appeal of this bed.

12 ) The Bed Fan

Sleeping can be a bit difficult or challenging when it’s so hot.  If you are one of those who can’t sleep without blankets, yet crazily perspire a lot because of the hot temperature, you can cool down through this bed fan. Simply put this beside your bed and slowly diffuse the hot temperature going under your bed sheets. This also provides your parents a nice sound sleep throughout the night.

13 ) Sleep Better Pillow

Some of the best sleeping positions is putting your hand under your pillow, but this is not a good thing in blood circulation.  You may end up waking up with a tickling feeling in your hands. But sleeping that way is very irresistible that is why a Sleep Better Pillow is designed.  This pillow has a hole at the middle for you to properly place your hand through and have a good night sleep. If your parents sleep this way, this would be an entertaining yet stunning gift for them this Christmas.

14 ) Light Up Slippers

Do you often stumble on something late at night? Because of some personal needs, you sometimes forcibly wake up at night and had a hard time looking for the light switch. If only you have a night vision capability, you don’t have to be blinded by darkness. But with the light up slippers, you can beat the darkness and walks freely to where you’re going to. This slippers can be favorable for your parents.  It promotes safeness.

15 ) Hamburger Wallet

Not all foods you can see is food. Some of them are actually wallets. This hamburger is not stuffed with cheese, tomatoes or a delicious patty. Instead, it is stuffed with ID, credit cards and cash.  Again, be cautious because you might end up eating your wallets thinking that it will taste delicious.

16 ) Upside down Beer Bottle Glass

You’ll feel drunk even without sipping any beer with this Upside down Beer Bottle Glass. These days, everything turns upside down and this bottle glass is the best example. You’ll be left confused and might question, “What’s happening to the world?” If you feel so confused about this, go share your confusing thoughts to your parents.

17 ) Remote Gun Lamp

Kill the lamp at a different angle with suspense. Switching off the lamp in the old way is so typical.  Try to add some fun and literally kill the lamp with a gun. This Remote Gun Lamp boasts about 50 feet remote control range. Aside from that, the lamp tilts in an angle.

18 ) Hair Growing Helmet

Is your hair becoming extinct and you are worried about how to regain your beautiful growing hair again? Hair is everyone’s crowning glory but due to roaring stress and other factors, your hair sacredly falls leaving profound spaces on your head. And that is the most feared moment for most of you.

Aside from hair growing cream or shampoo, the latest technology made it possible to regrow hair through a machine, the Hair Growing Helmet. You’ll just put this on your head, be cool and let the helmet’s laser do its job. It’s an incredible machine that’s best for your parents who worry too much about losing their crowning glory.

19 ) Lettuce Umbrella

Is it a lettuce or an umbrella? Let this veggie-like umbrella confused your parents, especially your mother.  Just advise her never to place this on a market’s vegetable section. Someone might aggressively grab it thinking it is edible.  This is a crazy umbrella that’s worth having.

20 ) Hamburger Beanbag

Comfort foods have its brand new definition. It doesn’t only pertain to edible comforting foods.  Now, it is also used to refer those fluffy comfortable things with a realistic food appearance. Take for example this crazy Hamburger Beanbag.  You would love eating, sitting on this.  This Hamburger Beanbag is a colossal burger with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and juicy patty.  It is such a delicious mouthwatering seat to serve to your parents.

Christmas Thoughts

Expression of thankfulness and love fed up your parents’ heart.  The best gift that you can give to them aside from funny stuff is the gift of your presence, your hug and the time you will spend to them this Christmas.  Your parents worth every priceless thing in this world.

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