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Special occasions often entail special gifts, especially for special people. Christmas is just around the corner and that means gift-giving is in. Looking for the perfect gift can be challenging. There are several items to look for on the market today.

If it’s hard to find the perfect present, might as well start with having a theme. Funny gifts are special. It not only adds a special touch into a relationship, but it also gives out a creative sense of humor. Here are some fun gifts that you can give to your boyfriend. These funny gifts can make your togetherness more special.

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Here are 15 Funny Gifts For Your Boyfriend That’s Guaranteed To Win His Heart:


  1. Ceramic Grenade Mug


Here’s a gift that’s very handy for your boyfriend’s early morning coffee. It is a mug that looks like a hand grenade. This special funny gift will definitely give your boyfriend a good laugh. You will want to have this wrapped in a special box to make it more presentable.


  1. Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

Here’s a helmet that’s serving a different purpose. The Drinker Beer and soda Guzzler Helmet serves beer and soda while your boyfriend is on the move. He can be mowing your lawn or doing some carpentry and still get the refreshment that he desires.


  1. Snot Mittens

Winter can be so cold that your boyfriend will need mittens. This Snot mittens is perfect. It is one of the best funny gifts for boyfriend that you can find online. This is perfect for boyfriends that run, jog, or simply walk. It is perfect for snot and tears. You can easily wear these mittens and keep yourself warm.


  1. Funny Farting Bank

Help him save with fun. This funny gift for a boyfriend is shaped real funny. You both will have a good laugh giving out this as a present to the one you love. Once you insert a coin, this bank creates a farting noise. Saving money will really be fun.


  1. Underpants On the Go



Here’s a great funny gift for boyfriend especially when traveling. This emergency underpants kit will make being on the go more convenient. Once you give this to your special someone, this item is enough for him to know that you care.


  1. Desktop Punching Bag

This punching bag is a great stress reliever. Your boyfriend can place this beside his desktop and just punch it when the going gets tough. It is a perfect funny gift for boyfriend especially if he’s always working hard. You also can give this gift item if your boyfriend is a gamer. Stress relief has never been this handy.


  1. Potty Golf Kit

Let your boyfriend enjoy while taking a go. This potty golf gift kit is a perfect funny gift for a boyfriend for the holidays. You sure will add a sense of humor in your relationship with this present. It is easy to get this kit online.


  1. Beer Belly Waist Bag

The beer belly waist bag is a perfect funny gift for your boyfriend. You will definitely make him laugh out loud with this item. It can carry certain items when your boyfriend is on the go. You not only are giving a unique gift but also a useful one.

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  1. Mop Slippers

Here a great gift for the holidays. You will give your boyfriend a comfortable walk at home. The pair of lazy mop slippers is sure to give him an idea that cleaning the house is one of the ways to win your heart. Walking in your living room has never been this fun. You not only get to wear comfortable slippers but also you get to clean the floor while walking.


  1. Fart Machine

Here’s a funny gift. It is a remote fart machine that will have your boyfriend laughing. This fart machine is so handy. All you need to do is stick the box part somewhere and remotely control the fart. You sure will both be laughing. The holidays will never be this fun with this gift item.


  1. Muscle Man Apron

If your man cooks, this is the best funny gift item to get. The sexy muscle man apron is a unique present that you can get your boyfriend this Christmas. It sure will give you both a hearty laugh. Wearing this apron will make cooking fun.


  1. Bottle Opener

A bottle opener can be a man’s best friend. This novelty bottle opener can be your option as a funny gift for a boyfriend. Once he gets this, he sure will laugh a lot about it. This gift item is so handy that your man can bring it anytime, anywhere. He is always ready for any party.


  1. Emoji Golf Balls

Playing golf will be memorable for your boyfriend with this emoji golf balls set.  Your man can choose an emoji according to his mood when playing golf. This sure is one of the funny gifts for him. You can easily get this set online. It is perfect for the coming holidays.


  1. Sushi Sock Box

If your boyfriend loves sushi, then this gift item is perfect to get him for the holidays. He sure will consider this as something special. You will make him laugh a lot with this one. This sushi sock box is easy to get once you go online. Make it special for him with this gift item.


  1. Giant Flask


Have a good laugh this Christmas with this giant flask. It can carry a ½ gallon of your boyfriend’s favorite alcoholic drink. It is something that cannot be carried discreetly. You will definitely get a good hug from your boyfriend if you give him this flask.

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There you have it, some ideas of funny gift for boyfriend that can easily be ordered online. These items are sure to give you an idea of what to give him this Christmas. Sure he will be delighted and feel loved with these unique funny gift items. It is something that you both will look forward to in the coming years. It helps to be funny in a relationship. You sure will win his heart with these funny gift items.


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